In Yer Mouth….

by thomswoon

What’s going on in there? They say our food is dead. Lifeless, homogenised to the point of blandness. There is a vapidity to pasteurisation, the easy way out. It’s not just dairy products that receive this beating but juices and vinegars too. My mouth is unimpressed. It yearns for some action. And well maybe it’s getting more than I realised. New research has discovered that the moulds in blue cheese, Penicillium Roqueforti, are so diverse that they aren’t the asexual organisms we once thought them to be. Yep that’s right they are getting it on, and even could be getting it on as you place that slither in your mouth…

But why is this important? It shows a further uniqueness that is possible for an artisan cheesemaker like myself. Raw milk, blue, endless possibilities. By creating a micro environment in my store over time the blue in my cheese will be different to the blue anywhere else, even though it will have started out in the same freeze dried packet as many other cheesemakers. It’s alive… It’s alive….